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For the past week I have had this anxiety of not being able to help my kid that I can;t share with my family because they don't understand. I come from a family where academic achievement has always been an important thing, but I am a father of a little man with a learning disability. With the pandemic, his learning disadvantage just got more visible, and I just can't find a way to it, me and the wife pay attention to him all day (I work from home, so I help tutoring him too) but he just can't concentrate when starting to talk operations such as division. It has gone from a simple issue, to the teacher telling us he really needs help or he will be changed from his class.
So I am looking for resources online or anywhere that I can find to see if they can help my Benjamin during this school break, so far we have used things such as KhanAcademy, and I signed him up to a site called Studypug a couple of months ago because since the logo is a dog, he was all excited about it, and it has been okay but I would love to have something that is for smaller children (the topics over there tend to be too advanced).

What has helped your kid?
I have build him a board for his room and we put notes of important things there to remember because he also has issues in history and heavy information subjects. He does love science so far though, which I'm happy.

BTW, I am so sorry to ask this but I have tried to talk about it with family members and hey just don't believe learning disabilities exist :rolleyes: I would like to know if there are others out there and if there are communities I could join of parents facing these challenges. I didn't know where to ask and I thought on asking in the few pet forums I belong.

Thanks in advance for any advice or comment.
- Sean
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