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Never take Ear infections for granted

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My beagle Fiona has been suffering from recurrent ear infections mostly caused by yeast. I was cleaning her ears last Monday because I noticed she's started to have another ear infection coming up. I used the medicine that the vet gave me for her last ear infection. I treated it for 3 days but it just got worse so I had to bring her to the vet.

I was glad I brought Fiona to the vet because the infection was caused by a bacteria and the medicine I was using was for a previous yeast infection that she had. The vet prescribed antibacterial ear drops and an oral antibiotic.

I just realized that at the first sign of an ear infection, I should have brought Fiona to the vet because ear infections especially of the middle and inner part of the ear are risky and can lead to serious complications.
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Poor Fiona =( Ear infections are never easy....

I use an ear wash that I made using a formulation given by my vet: 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% vinegar. I make it every time I need to wash my dog's ears. works well. and you can also store it for a month in the fridge.
A beagle's long and floppy ears impede air flow within the inner ear thereby trapping in moisture which is a very good breeding ground for ear infections. It's good to clean the ears regularly for any foreign particles and any moisture should be wiped dry.
If you want to use natural treatment, try probiotic chews for dogs. The vet gave us IAMS prescription probiotic chews however there are many non-prescription probiotics available online.
try yogurt too. you can give it to him daily. Many dog owners have noticed lesser ear infections caused by yeast when they give yogurt to their pets in addition to their normal feed ration.
ear infections can become very painful. it's a good thing you were able to bring your dog to the vet in time.
I currently have a lab and she shakes her ears and rubs them alot, but when I've taken her to the vet, she's fine. They just recommended an earwash on occasion if it ever flared. In years past, one of my other dogs had some kind of ear thing - had to give him ear drops regularly.

I also got a Miniature Pinscher who howls when her ears bothers her and she scratches it on the floor. But this does not happen often, i think it's just a fly or an ant that got lost =D
I liken it to when I get a little itch and scratch myself. It's because of my first beagle that I even think about it so much.

Agreed on the probiotics. This is the best way to keep yeast away. Be sure to give regularly and not at the same time as an antibiotic.
I'm learning so much from you folks. I'm interested with the yogurt and other probiotics. Much safer that way than having to put on antibiotics immediately.
I love forums like this, too, because it is a great way to learn. I never know what tip will come in handy.

It is great to read about others experiences and to learn what is tried and true. I am also a big fan of forums like this one!
Thanks for this useful reminder that we should never assume that we know what is wrong just because it looks like something we have seen before. If the symptoms show no sign of clearing up it is important to see the vet quickly.
My beagle, Diamond, is just going through the same thing. I am doing two rinses with an alchol based ear cleaner and one bacterial ear drop session every day for two weeks.
Yeah, assumptions are a dangerous thing, not just with animals but humans too.

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