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Never take Ear infections for granted

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My beagle Fiona has been suffering from recurrent ear infections mostly caused by yeast. I was cleaning her ears last Monday because I noticed she's started to have another ear infection coming up. I used the medicine that the vet gave me for her last ear infection. I treated it for 3 days but it just got worse so I had to bring her to the vet.

I was glad I brought Fiona to the vet because the infection was caused by a bacteria and the medicine I was using was for a previous yeast infection that she had. The vet prescribed antibacterial ear drops and an oral antibiotic.

I just realized that at the first sign of an ear infection, I should have brought Fiona to the vet because ear infections especially of the middle and inner part of the ear are risky and can lead to serious complications.
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I'm learning so much from you folks. I'm interested with the yogurt and other probiotics. Much safer that way than having to put on antibiotics immediately.
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