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New Beagle

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Hello there,

Me and my husband are moving this summer to our new house and we are planning on getting a beagle. He will obviously be a puppy.
We would love to know the most important things about beagles and 2 main things:
- will our female 3 year old cat be a problem?
- are beagles the chewing kind that will ruin everything in their way?

Although we'll buy him a house to put in the garden, I would like him to sleep inside. Will it be too dangerous for my brand new furniture?

Thank you :)
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Generally, beagles are not biters or rippers, so they won't mess your furniture. But there may be exception.
Thus, as mentioned, keep your puppy entertained then your beagle will be nice to furniture, just in case. And some pet supplies should be prepared for a new dog, like heated dog beds for winter, chewing toys, puppy playpens, etc. I bought mine from crazysales, reputable company, and I'd recommend you to have a look at that:
As for your cat, you actually don't have to worry. Beagles are very friendly to cats, accoring to my experience. They get along well with each other soon.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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