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New guy with Beagles

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Hello Im from Chicago have two Beagles Charlie 2 yr old wild man had him since
puppy. And a 1 and half year old girl Phobe who loves to eat and crys alot
but very loving. Got her off Craigslist poor girl was living in a apartment.
Having two beagles is great they need a friend
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No ??? Strange question
KFERN--Agree with you about beagles needing a friend. They have been pack dogs for centuries, and can have separation anxiety more than other dogs when alone. We have 3 beagles and love having them. As my husband said: in for a penny, in for a pound. We are retired, and have a great dog-run, and many great places to hike with them here in the mountains of AZ.
Hi Kfern: Welcome! Glad to hear having 2 beagles is going great we have been thinking about getting a second beagle as well :)
Hi and welcome!!! Yes, 2 beagles are fun (even though they can be a challenge at times). If you have to go to work all day then they have good company.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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