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i had the same dog. until they are a year old and a little after they are wild. your dog is very smart and Dug is going to get into everything. he is probably really smart and his brain is going 100 mph. re the potty training; make sure you clean the spots in the carpet real good to get the odor out. i use a carpet machine that i own. when you can't watch him keep him in the crate. when you are at home keep him on a leash and where you go in the house he goes. if he starts to have a mistake take him outside. since he has gone inside several times you are going to have to curve his behavior. as for jumping on the counter if he is on the leash with you he won't be able to jump on the counter or chew your shoes and garbage. by keeping him on a leash and leading him around he will know that you are in charge and that it is your house. the time to run outside in your yard is good but also take him someplace like a park where he can run. i got this from a dog trainer i hope it helps.
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