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New to beagles, 2 beagle pups a little scared

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OK so I am writing on here in hopes to find a little peace of mind We recently had to say goodbye to her 12-year-old lab and did a lot of research and decided on getting a beagle In our search we came across brothers 4 1/2 months old. Although at first I wrote them off thinking there was no way I could ever have two dogs However throughout our surgery kept ending up going back to them We all felt connected to them before even having met them we meet them on Friday and if all goes well will bring them home I am excited and nervous all rolled into one my kids are so excited I can't even imagine telling them I changed my mind so like I said I'm hoping for some peace of mind from those of you who have had or have two beagles and can share some comforting stories I've read many discussions saying that to beagles are better than one and some that say it's crazy All of my friends first reaction was your crazy when I told them I guess my main concerns are destructive behavior and having a ton of dog hair all over my house on the other hand I'm very excited to see them play together and have two new companions in our home since we missed our dog so much any stories or advice would be greatly appreciated much thanks
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I have 3 beagles and people often think I am nuts. It is more work, more poop to scoop, high vet costs etc., but they keep each other company, play together, have less separation anxiety etc.

The more tired and trained you keep them, the less destructive and pesty they will be. A good basic manners training class would be good for all of you.
If you use Facebook, there is a really fun site there "I love Beagles", you can post this same topic there and get a ton of replies. Plus we love pictures there :)
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