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Hi Barkybark,

Welcome to Beagles Unlimited.

The obedience training class is a real plus and a great way to start off with a new dog. Take what you learn from your class and continue working with Barky until it is rock solid and keep it fresh with continued work. Always be calm and consistent using lots of patience with your training and it will pay you big benefits with Barky.

Reward based training will serve you best in my opinion.

*1. Being stubborn while on the lease.* I would say that your dog is just in need of leash training and not stubborn , and , as with many hunting breed dogs the outside world of sight,sound and scents can be overpowering. I would use a front clip harness with a 6 foot leash for training.
To start with take a look at this video :
Loose leash walking:

*2. When we put him in the kennel for any other reason...for example to eat dinner, he pitches a fit. Barking and whining.* If there is enough room in the crate try feeding your dog's meal at the same time as yours using one of these in 3 or 5 inch to hold kibble. If dog is a chewer you may want to remove after meal.

3. It's hard to ever get him to sit down and relax. The lady that is helping us in training classes has given us some techniques to help him relax, like letting him chew on something while we hold it, saying "calm" and using the clicker. There is a couple that we know who has 2 beagles and they are really calm dogs....will our beagle calm down when he grows up?
Yes , your Beag will calm with age. Look for a more mature Beag starting at 12 to 18 mo. of age with a lot less edge. Continued training work helps.
Your Beag is 17 weeks old and this is normal for now. The calming techniques are a good start and something to chew on is a plus for those sore gums while adult teeth are coming in. Try one of these with treats:

When Barky can't make it to the door use this to eliminate the scent marker:

There is a lot to talk about when getting a young Beag off to a good start. If I left anything out let me know. Goog Luck....

BTW. You are doing a very good job with Barky.

Best , oldhounddog

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