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New to Beagles as house pets

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I have a 17 week old Beagle that I got from the Humaine Soceity at 9 weeks old. Originally, I am from the country and we had hunting dogs but there are all kept outside and don't require a lot of maintenance. However, now I live in a suburb and this Beagle is a house pet for my husband and I. Last week we started him in training classes. A couple of weeks ago, he finally got the potty training thing down. Sometimes he still has accidents in the house but that is because I don't get him out fast enough which is my fault. He has never went poop in the house, always outside. We have been using clicker training and that is going really well. He knows his name, he knows to come to me when I say "come", and he knows to "sit" and "lie down" when I tell him to do so. He also understands "kennel-up". We put him in the kennel before we got to work and he doesn't whine or bark. My husband comes home at lunch to let him out and at the end of his shift. When it is time for bed, we put him back in the kennel and he doesn't whine or bark. We only have a couple of problems with our beagle.....
1. Being stubborn while on the lease.
2. When we put him in the kennel for any other reason...for example to eat dinner, he pitches a fit. Barking and whining.
3. It's hard to ever get him to sit down and relax. The lady that is helping us in training classes has given us some techniques to help him relax, like letting him chew on something while we hold it, saying "calm" and using the clicker. There is a couple that we know who has 2 beagles and they are really calm dogs....will our beagle calm down when he grows up?

I am trying my best to have a really good trained dog. Although, sometimes I don't know how well I am doing.

Any comments are welcome.
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Thank you Oldhounddog for all of the advice. We covered leash training this weekend in obedience training. Yesterday, I was off from work so I took him for 3 long walks trying to let him get the hang of the training. By the third walk, he finally understood what I was trying to get him to do. That's not to say that he is the perfect leash walking dog...far from it...but he was at least grasping what I was doing and what I wanted him to do. Thank you for saying that I am doing a good job. Sometimes I get frustrated at him and I know that he hears it in my tone. Training him can be a challenge because I also have a 7 year old Red-Point Siamese in the house. Also, thank you Mom2Beagles for the compliment.
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Thank you Claudia.

My baby (my beagle puppy) is doing great. By the way, his name is Charlie, not Barky. I like to say BarkyBarky to him when he barks at me. Anyway, as I said he is doing great. He has one more obedience training class in puppy 1. He sits, lies down, rolls over, stands, stays, and comes. And he is doing really great on the leash and is learning that when another pet or human doesn't want to play with him, he is to "leave it". No bathroom accidents inside the house. Yay! He is so smart. I am wondering if he is a beagle mix because he is already 16 inches tall at 5 months old and doesn't bark that much. Oh, and I took him for his first swimming lesson. He didn't like it but he did swim, very fast actually to the other side of the pool to climb out (hehe). I told him, "you don't have to like it, but I need to know that you can swim in case of an emergency". Next weekend he goes to the vet to get neutered. And I think that is all for the update on Charlie.
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