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New to site need advice

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I have a 1y old male that has a great nose. The last three months has been driving the neighbors crazy every evening and morning. I have rabbits all over the neighborhood and he knows when they have crossed the yard. He knows what the rabbits are and he has the tracking skills. My question is how can I get him to come when he is called. Even in the back yard he just wont listen. His nose hits the ground and hearing is gone. I have had him out one time and it took three hours to find him. If I can not get him to come I cant hunt him. The good thing he wants to hunt. At a lose as I have never had a dog that just wont listen. Thanks
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Thanks for the reply oldhounddog. He is our family dog and I do have a three year old that thinks he is his wrestling buddy, so training has been pretty rough. We have had him since 8 weeks and the only traing we have done is potty trainig, sit and stay,and come. When I want him to come he is very inconsistent. Other than that not much. We do have a large fenced yard and if it is not a hot day he spends his time in the back yard and in the house. When we are home on the weekends he is inside with us and usually will go with us on drives and short trips. He sleeps in a kennel and also when we are not home he is in his kennel. If we leave him out he will chew up everything. As for as time for training I work nights so in the morning after I get the kids to school my time is limited because I need to be in bed to get some sleep before having to pick the kids up. Long story short, never enough time in a day. Thanks for your help.
Thanks again for the help. As far as training he does most of this with exception of down. He does great in the house but oitside is a different story. He will sit and release when playing fetch and feeding. As far as food and treats we are in the process of switching from purina puppy to dog chow. Treats he just gets pieces of milk bone when we do training. I have been working on the come comand with g?ood sucess over tue weekend. Still need work. We went to the farm over the weekend and I let him run and he did great without running off. I use just a standard collar with a shirt 3-4 ft leash.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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