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Noisy Beagle

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Bagel the Beagle is 9 months old, and very noisy!

I wondered if anyone else's beagle makes noises when falling alseep/being petted. Its sort of moaning and groaning but I think she does it when she's happy, almost like dog purring. Just Bagel or is it a Beagle thing? :D
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The moaning and snorting is typical. I think esp. for the females although males will also. Beagles are soo pack oriented. it's their language. My male has a beautiful deep bay. I love it but it is loud and for good reason. I need to find him when he is on a rabbit. That's what the howl/bay is for. Many beagles will bark at home but let them get on a rabbit track and it becomes a deep bay. I know many may disagree but I don't think a beagle can be truly happy unless he is allowed to hunt. That's when their true character comes out and that is also how they bond with you. If you don't hunt you should find some one who does and let your hound join the pack for a hunt sometimes. They will love you for it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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