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Noisy Beagle

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Bagel the Beagle is 9 months old, and very noisy!

I wondered if anyone else's beagle makes noises when falling alseep/being petted. Its sort of moaning and groaning but I think she does it when she's happy, almost like dog purring. Just Bagel or is it a Beagle thing? :D
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Most of the beagles I've had have been noisy, I think it's one of the things they are notorious for. But I think it's cute. Each one is different and has there own sounds, I can tell who's barking even when I can't see them.
That is for sure true, there is a definite difference between the hunting bay and the alarm howl and the playing barking and the whining for treats and the moaning when you try to move them. I can tell which of my beagles it is for each one of these meanings. Mine have most definitely NOT had it bred out of them, but they are from champion hunting lines. The only thing I worry about when they hunt is if one of them will get lost, it's sooooo hard when you never find them again.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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