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Noisy Beagle

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Bagel the Beagle is 9 months old, and very noisy!

I wondered if anyone else's beagle makes noises when falling alseep/being petted. Its sort of moaning and groaning but I think she does it when she's happy, almost like dog purring. Just Bagel or is it a Beagle thing? :D
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I've had ten beagles and hunted them all. After 11 months without a dog we are picking up beagle pup #11 next week.

It doesn't take long to recognize the voice of an individual hound, and it's usually not difficult to tell by the timing and the sound of the bay whether a beagle is running a rabbit or a pheasant - or a deer, unfortunately. Beagles are able to communicate a considerable amount of information vocally and by body language. We just have to listen and look.
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