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Noisy Beagle

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Bagel the Beagle is 9 months old, and very noisy!

I wondered if anyone else's beagle makes noises when falling alseep/being petted. Its sort of moaning and groaning but I think she does it when she's happy, almost like dog purring. Just Bagel or is it a Beagle thing? :D
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Badger is noisy when he wants attention or wants something that is high up on a shelf and cant help. he will groan until you get up and go to him. Sometimes I have to hide things on the self so that he cant see

And you hes does Bark a lot like every other Beagle, but I must admit it is getting better as he gets older.
I can tell the difference of my Beagles bays as well. Its funny how one little dog can make so many different
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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