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A few months back i was here posting/asking what to do with my shy little beagle pup. Bandit has now overcome her shyness fairly well. She is still skiddish around new people, but at least not hiding and peeing out of fright, she also wont allow new people to pet her. Still a work in progress, but progressing on that front. The biggest issue now is she barks/whines/yips anytime she is left alone in her cage. At nights, i can usually get her to settle down after 15 mins or so. However hubby is working second shift so when she goes back in the cage when i head to work, she puts up another fit - waking hubby (who struggles to sleep). Any ideas to fully cure her or is it an unreal expectation for her to get back into cage and settle in with no noise? Hubby is little to no help in actual training. Cage is kept upstairs in bedroom (at a trainer's suggestion, which did at least allow us all to sleep at night), she puts up a fit when i leave house with hubby there or not.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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