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Hi everyone,
My fiancé and I have reserved a beagle dog pup recently. He is now 2 weeks old and in 2 weeks time we should be able to go and choose him! Very excited.
Hi emzy ,

Welcome to the forum.
The names Oscar and Archie are just great. BTW , welcome to puppyhood. The Golden's are wonderful family dogs that are driven to please their family members and will wear your arm out throwing the ball for them. A Beagle make a great family companion, also , with a few caveats , they love to follow their nose and will sometimes forget about everything when a great scent comes by and wander off. They are very food motivated so use this as a training tool.

Early socialization and obed training will make your life much easier and will also have a positive effect on your Beag knowing that s/he is doing a great job on training and learning new things. This early conditioning to training is also a bonding experience for both owners and dog and it is a big plus for all.....
Potty training will not be so tuff if you are consistent with training and use good quality kibble and of course limit treats.

Buy a crate that will be big enough for an "Adult Beagle" and partition it off for potty training and remove partition when not needed later on. I like the wire type , and , if your Beag needs a little help feeling safe you can cover all but the front with towel/blanket. No collar while in crate so your dog can't get it caught on anything.

Your new Beag needs to love the crate and feel safe in it so take plenty of time and make sure this is the case. You can buy wire type kennels (this is what I use) from petco , petsmart and any online source , I recommend the ones with only one door. Before purchasing your crate , think about where you will put it and how this will work for you and your new dog.

There are Bowls for dogs with very long ears to keep them out of food , IDK , I use stainless bowls with the rubber slip proof bottom.

Please look around the forum as we have a lot of info here and some othr great Beagle folks , and post pics when you can.

Helpful link:

If I left anything out please post back.

Good Luck , oldhounddog

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