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Paw care in winter is mostly common sense.

Trim the fur under paw area , also nails.
Most everyone I know uses Mushers Secret paw wax.
Take some time to get your dog used to having you check and handle the paws when at home relaxing.

If on a long outside trek check paws for sharp objects, rocks, ice, gravel etc.
When snow and ice are present check paws regular for ice balls.
In areas where snow/ice melt chemicals are used make sure to clean and rinse paws when returning home to keep your dog from licking and ingesting chemicals.
Be vigilant about any swelling or redness as chemicals retained in paw fur and between toes can cause chemical burns , and , see Vet if needed..

Keep some wipes with you if out for an extended time outside to clean and check paws.
When home check paws for any damage , cuts or redness. If needed you can wash with warm water, anti-bacterial soap and rinse well with warm water. Reapply Mushers Secret.

If needed you can also get some booties. Make sure fit is correct and let dog ware booties around the house some before outside use.

Best , oldhounddog

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