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Hello everyone! Come visit our new website here:
To those looking for pets to adoption, come check out my new website, currently might be a bit low on entries, but do look out for updates!
To those who own pets for adoption, come and post your pets for here, pets-identifications information/pictures are required.
I am trying to streamline and consolidate the effort of the adoptions of pets via this new platform, to hopefully increase the adoption rates by making the pets easier to find in one place, as currently adopting a pet is a hunt between very fragmented platforms(adoption websites,fb groups/pages, classified websites).
My website also contains entries for sales, but with this in place, users looking to buy a new pet might consider adopting as they will see the pets looking for adoption too! :)

Every post here either for adoption or sales, require submission of photo/scanning of license/certificate to ensure authenticity.

Sorry if this promotion is not allowed,hope you support my intentions anyway. Thanks for reading :)
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