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Piranha type fish

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Guess what someone found in our river? It's not a pirahna, but it's like a cousin of it. They are illegal. They suspect someone was raising one and it grew too big so they stuck it in the river.

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How did they find this and was there only one fish found? Yikes!
This is creepy! Why would someone even want to keep such a fish as a pet?!
It really saddens me how people can just get a pet and not think of the future of the pet.
That is crazy. That is like here in my town. My dad is an avid golfer and he said there is a pond at the golf course and he noted that in the past few years the pond has grown lots with gold fish. He thinks someone didn't want the their gold fish and threw it in there. But who knows. They are not Koi but gold fish.
Anybody remembers when in LA a policeman dropped his too big pet alligator in a lake? It took two years to get the animal and take it to the zoo, they named him Reggie and he escaped from the zoo once but he is there again.
I'm from Europe, Hungary and it happened once there also but the alligator died in winter time.
There are so many careless or just simply stupid people out there.
It's probably a Paku. They are closely related to the Piranha and even resemble them but don't have the same attacking skills. Still, they don't belong in the wild here.
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