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Potty training help

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I need some advice from someone who has been through this already. We just brought home our 10 week old beagle New Year's Day, and we are trying to potty train him. We try to use puppy pads inside when we are not home, and are trying to teach him to go outside when were home. (I know he cant hold it 8hrs while we are working that's why we want him to use puppy pads to) when he pees in the house we take him over to the puppy pad and he doesn't want to use it, and he won't pee for the next hour or so. And we take him outside every hour and the whole time he's outside he's scared to death :( and he won't use the potty. Any tricks? Or help? How long till he gets trained. We've had him 4 days with no successful potty attempts.
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He is still pretty young, confused and missing his family. It does take time to potty train, they need to feel safe with you and their surroundings. There is a spray that the pet store sells that is made for potty training, you can spray it on the pad and in the yard.

This site has some great tips too:
Ok so I have had some success he does go outside sometimes....other times he likes to go on our rug. I have been working on crate training him, he has a small space with his bed in it. I put him in there today while I was cleaning and he barked and howled the whole time then pooped all over his bed. He does this all the time. I just took him outside to use the potty beforehand too. Any suggestions?
Did you put him in the crate with a treat, toy or Kong? If the crate is a pleasant experience he will be less stressed. I would try shorter times in the crate and give him a reward when you put him in it.

If you use Facebook, there is a really good group you might enjoy "I Love Beagles".
I think the best thing is to put the puppy/dog in a crate while away.
Hi, i adopted a poodle/chihuahua and he is 1 year old. My family loves him to death but we just cant stand him pooping all over our...
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