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Potty training not going well....

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Hello there, we just got our new beagle pup Scout 2 weeks ago, he is currently 10 weeks old. We are first time dog and beagle owners. We've done a lot of research but are struggling with potty training and wondering if we're on track or not. We are trying the crate training method and the breeder recommended we take him outside to potty every hour during the day and said he would be ok overnight. We started out taking him out every 2-3 hours at night as he cried a lot in his crate and we wanted to prevent accidents. We're currently taking him out every 4 hours at night and every 1-2 hours during the day and he still has anywhere from 1-3 accidents on the floor inside every day almost always during the daytime. Sometimes accidents happen 15-30 minutes after he has just pottied outside. We have had 1 or 2 accident free days and those are exciting but rare. He has had accidents in the crate but less frequently than out of the crate. When he is out of the crate we close the doors to all bedrooms and keep him in our eyesight constantly. When he squats and starts to go we say "outside" and bring him outside immediately. We praise lavishly and give a small treat after he does go potty but now he's learned this and tries to squat without peeing sometimes to get a treat. So far I haven't noticied that he tries to communicate when he needs to go out except crying in the crate but I can't tell if it's a potty cry or a bored/lonely cry. Please help, we really want to get our little guy potty trained. I realize it takes time but I'm wondering how long it takes and if you think he might have a medical issue?
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Sounds like you are on the right track. Beagles sometimes take a bit longer to understand the potty training thing. When they are very young and taken away from their mom and siblings, they get lonely and confused. Most of his crying is probably for his "pack", which of course now is you. Be sure to clean up the accidents spots with a special cleaner just for pet urine so he won't keep going to that spot.
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