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Preparing to Raise a Beagle Puppy

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Congratulations! You have decided to bring a sweet and loving Beagle puppy home to join your family. Just like welcoming any new family member you will want to make preparations so that life runs as smoothly as possible. Preparing for you pup will allow you to approach the welcoming process stress free as well as provide a safe and healthy environment for you Beagle Pup. Begin your preparations to raise your Beagle today by following the helpful tips below.

Clean House – Begin preparing for your Beagle pup by cleaning your home. You will want to remove toxic indoor plants, hazardous materials, small objects that are easily accessible, put covers on wastebaskets, store household cleaners in high places and fasten electric cords to the wall.
Outdoor Preparations – There is a long list of plants that are toxic for dogs. You will want to check your garden and yard for these plants and remove them immediately. In addition you will want to switch to a pet friendly weed killer or grass treatment. You will also want to fence in your yard so your Beagle pup can play outside on a daily basis. Always make sure your fence is escape-proof and a small pup can’t fit through easily or crawl under the fence.

Supplies – Choose a soft, comfortable bed that is large enough for a pup to stretch out easily. You will also want to purchase items such as a dog crate, food and water bowls, a leash, collar, grooming brush, shampoo, towels, nail clippers, dental care and plenty of toys. Find a small area in your home where your Beagle can feel like it is his or her own living space. Block of the area with baby gates, which allows the pup to look out of his area to the rest of the home.

Food and Treats – Purchase healthy puppy food that provides essential vitamins and nutrients for your pup’s age and weight. You will also want to purchase a variety of tasty treats to use as rewards for your pup during obedience training sessions. Some pet parents may prefer specialized food diets for their pup that is organic and homemade.

Veterinarian - Before welcoming your Beagle pup home, make sure you have a trustworthy veterinarian chosen. You will want to do your homework and find a reputable and licensed veterinarian in your area. Try to choose a location close to your home since visiting the veterinarian will be a regular part of your Beagle pup’s life. You will want to establish a good relationship with the veterinarian and assure that you are able to communicate well, especially since the topic of conversation will be the health of your Beagle.
If you plan to take your Beagle home in your car you will want to remove any small objects that he or she can swallow and choke on. Plus you will want to purchase a specialized dog car seat in order to assure a safe ride. Take all of these preparations into consideration before bringing your Beagle pup home and you will savor every moment of your dog’s introduction to your home.

Photo credit: Sergey Norin/Flickr

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