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Speaking from experience: We have 1 1/2 acres behind the house for the Beagles to play in. We chose to try an invisible fence. They absolutely love it. They can do a lap in under 10 seconds.... it's a blast to watch them be safely confined and play freely.
The cost was almost $2,000 for three collars, training and the perimeter fence.
The other options:
A permanent fence that size would have been either chain link (unsightly) and the dogs could still dig their way out. OR
solid fence with an electric line at the bottom... destroying our view of the wide open spaces OR
all those options cost more than an invisible fence.

The truth about the problems: You really have to keep up with the strength of the batteries, or they will escape.
There AREn'T any other creatures who come in to attack our Beagles !!
Even at the highest speed, they do NOT leave the yard to follow a rabbit who stupidly came into the dog's perimeter.
You have to check everyone's collar regularly to be sure the batteries are still good.
Have an alternative method for letting the dog's go outside if the system is down.
If there is a system failure, you might have to wait 2 days for the technician to come and fix the problem.
Bottom Line -
I love it- love it- love it. My dogs get hours of exercise outside every day. They don't bark (which happens when tied or not enough running).
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