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Puppy going on its first walk around town

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I can't wait for Nancy, our female Beagle, to turn 4 months old next week. By then, we're able to take her on walks around the neighborhood.

However, I got a question regarding how far and how fast is she allowed to go on these walks? I read that walking them too far might worn down its joints.

Any recommendations?
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Most dog owners will tell you that 5 minutes for every month of age. So if she's turning 4 months old that would be a 20-minute walk. However, try to build up to that amount of time slowly each day. start with 5 or 10 minutes for the first day or two then build up to 20 minutes until she is used to the activity.
Lead up to it. Start with a walk up and down the block. Then turn the corner and go a bit and back. Then go around the block, etc. It's important to lead up to it. Also, consider what they are walking on, gravel vs grass, etc. That makes a difference.

Be sure to show her that walking is an enjoyable routine that she can look eagerly look forward to...
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