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Hi all,

New here and hoping some experienced owners can give me some advice about my Beagle, Luigi.
Here's some basic info: male, neutered, nearly 2.5 years old now, tri-colour, been on raw meaty bones diet for about 4 months.

1 - Hair loss: Luigi seems to lose an incredible amount of hair all year round. Its always been that way even when he was on dry food (James Wellbeloved / Burns). Vet says his skin and coat is in very good condition. But I'm hoping there is something we can do to reduce the hair loss? He currently gets fish once a week.

2 - Scavenging: Is there anyway to reduce the amount of food / poo that he scavenges when out on walks? We've tried a spray collar (plain, citronella & mustard) but doesn't work. We also have a rattle can (can with coins) that we shake when he is naughty and if that doesn't stop him, we throw it at the ground near him. He knows the leave command with toys, but with food / poo this doesn't seem to work. All the above just encourages him to gulp it down and run away.

3 - Running away: In the last week, he has run away from the dog walker 3 times. And actually crossed the road a few times running between the two parks. Actually turns out he quite often used to run away and run around the park and out of sight but would go back to the car about 1h / 1.5h later. We can't think why he doesn't this randomly and can't think of any triggers. He's never done it with me though and I've walked same route.

4 - Feeding: What else does everyone feed their Beagles if they are on Raw Meaty Bone diet? I'm using chicken as the base (all parts), lamb hearts, mackerel, lamb chops. What weight do you give per meal? What other meats do you give?

I'm sure there are more things I'll think of to ask, but this would be a good start. Appreciate all your help :)

Nick (& Luigi)
London, UK

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Hi Nick...

Let's see if I can help with some questions.

Shedding - my girls used to shed ALL the time like crazy even though they have nice coats. I started adding Vitamin E caps to their food once a day and its a miracle. I heard that coconut oil works even better.

Scavenging - it seems to be a beagle thing. Sometimes "leave it" will work. I really have to watch Molly because she loves rabbit poo. I give her a tug on her leash and tell her to leave it.

Running away - is Luigi off leash or is he escaping his leash? It seems that he is doing it to the dog walker and not you, so there is something that the dog walker is doing differently than you. Plus, Luigi could be running to find you. I would make sure he is securely on a leash when he is not fenced in.

Feeding - my girls eat Eukanuba dry food mixed with a bit of canned food. I add veggies like peas, green beans etc. Beagles tend to do well on many types of foods and generally aren't picky. The amount depends on the size and age of your beag, as well as activity level. Molly and Vazzle eat 2 cups a day, divided into 2 meals.
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