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rabbit scent

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There is a dog supply store 1mile from my house. Stopped there sat got wormer and rabbit scent. If youre a guy, you have to smell it, WOW. Worst than deer algo talked to them bout feed for my pups, dont remember the name of it but as soon as theyre done with the bag they got, im going there to get my next bag.
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We had a pretty good run this afternoon. The snow is starting to melt with lots of bare patches. It's only going to get better. Heading to a field trial Saturday and a state hunt the following weekend. Last trial, Red minused out (-30 points) but he's the only one that had any score. The rest of the cast had zeroes. You can't win with a minus score even if your dog is doing all the work. He minusd out for not producing. Rabbits had been there. Sometimes a big nose helps; sometimes hurts.

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