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Rabbits dissapear?

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Hello Y'all. I'm a new member but not new to running rabbits. I've run AKC, ARHA, and mostly just for fun!
Got a puzzler and wanted input. Rabbit population is thin in my ares, so I've Been breeding them and turning them loose. I live in the country, so plenty of room, food, water, etc. This worked great for awhile; I could turn loose a beagle at dark and it only took about 5 minutes to find a rabbit and run it. The beagle would run for hours then come back home. Worked perfect. Eventually something would get a rabbit or one would get run over but since I have 3 female rabbits we always had plenty to run. But now after turning loose about 30 rabbits over the last 3 months there are none left. I am familiar with coyotes, fox, hawks, and owls and know how to deal with these. I don't think they are around. I do hear one owl, but I don't think he is eating all of those rabbits; owls have to be in open areas to hunt and there are some woods (where I turn the rabbits loose) that are so thick you can't keep a hat on your head trying to go thru them. What I'm thinking; I have neighbors that have cats. A lot of cats. Cats would hunt at night, can go pretty much anywhere a rabbit can go, and would kill and drag off the dead (I find no fur, dead rabbit, nothing). What do y'all think? I have gotten a humane trap to try to catch/relocate them but so far no luck.......Casy
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