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Rattle snake vaccine

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Is anybody had this vaccination to their dogs?
Is it safe?
We moved to an area which is full of snakes, I'm still hesitant to get the vaccine because my dog has allergies, environmental, food and who knows what else.
The next time to get the vaccine is on this Thursday . I need answer ASAP , pls!
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Thanks, I live in an apartment , on the second floor, so at home he it's OK.
The apartment complex is in a park, with coyotes,mountain lions
and rattle snakes. If I know well the Diamond back.
This is new for me. The vet who is close to us says the vaccine is important , I asked another vet he says the same thing but don't they all? The vet carries antivenin. I know even if my dog gets the vaccination he needs antivenin also. I heard hunters vaccinate their dogs. I'm afraid of side affects.
Anyways what do you do when you walk your dog?
I try to stay on the grass , is it safe to walk on grass? I also watch as I'm able.
Oldhounddog , it's comforting to know you always answer.
I appreciate it a lot!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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