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My husband and I rescued a ~4 y/o beagle about a year ago. He is a little shy (we've worked on it and he's getting better) and he almost never barks or bays. He generally leaves everything in the house alone, sometimes even his toys. We have found though that he really likes to chew on rawhides as a way to destress. We have been getting him the compressed rawhides because anything else lasts approximately 30 minutes and he's completely done. However, even with the compressed rawhides, he can finish a medium sized rawhide bone in just under an hour. Ideally, we would love to give him this stress outlet every day, but that much rawhide cannot be good for a 28lb beagle. Are there any alternatives to compressed rawhides that we can try or if he's not having any issues digesting the rawhides, should we just not be concerned about the amount of rawhide he ingests?
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