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When it comes to living with diabetes, a low carb, Mediterranean style diet has been shown to be more effective than the typical calorie restricted, low-fat eating plan according to a just-released study appearing in the September 1st issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine looking at the recommended diet for diabetes sufferers.
Until now both of these eating plans had been recommended for weight loss in overweight (or obese) patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but there have been few direct comparisons of the eating plans.
Seeing this and wanting to asses the effectiveness, durability and safety of the two diets, Blood Sugar Blaster Review deals with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes who had never treated with medication to either a low carb Mediterranean style diet or a low-fat diet.

This was a lifestyle, not a fat diet tried on for a few weeks. Both groups received monthly counseling sessions from nutritionists and dietitians for the first year, every other month for the remaining three years.
At the end of the four year study, one of the longest running of its kind, 44% of those on the Mediterranean style diet needed medication to lower their blood sugar, compared to 70% needing medication from the low-fat diet group.
At the one-year mark, subjects following the Mediterranean diet lost more weight - a difference of 4.4 pounds. These dieters also had slimmer waistlines. This group even saw greater increases in HDL (good) cholesterol and bigger decreases in harmful triglycerides. The heart healthy benefits remained for the duration of the study.

Understand there's no one "Mediterranean" diet, at least 16 countries all with their own tastes combine to create the eating plan that's taken on the name. It's best to think of the Mediterranean diet as a way of living and eating that all about plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains, with limits on red meat and processed foods.

Blood Sugar Blaster Review – How to Reduce Diabetes? Truth Exposed
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