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I have a 3 year old that I have had for 2 years. I love him but he is a "runner". I live in the mountins of Southern Utah. He has a doggie door and a fenced yard to run and play with our Westie and a cat but he will run the first time he sees an open gate or door. I am tempted to see if I can find him a home on a large farm or ranch but hate to lose him. Any suggestions?
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davidcook ,
Welcome to the forum.

>I love him but he is a "runner".<
Beagles are hunters by nature and require little training. Your Beag just wants to hunt and given a chance that is what he is going to do. Beagles are also loving family pets. Obedience training will help. This can be said for most scent hounds. I would work on recall when you have time , and , make an extra effort to keep the gate closed.

Best , oldhounddog

Has there ever been any one here that has had any success in teaching a beagle to resist this instinct?
Melita ,
The short answer is yes , however , you must be reasonable with your expectations. All hunting breeds are hard wired with pray drive , some stronger than others. Regular obedience training interspersed with play breaks together with mental stimulation will increase your ability to curb prey drive. Training must be positive reinforcement type with emphasis on recall. When training you must strive to become to best and most interesting in your dogs life , be consistent and loving and you will see big benefits.

If more information is needed please post back.

Best , oldhounddog

Melita ,

There are many new training methods being used today as the next best thing on the market , most of which are parts and pieces of long standing training technique rebagged under a new name. I am a fan of what works for you and your dog. I would like to hear what you think of the push training method. You have a very good attitude , and I expect you will use what is working best. I am a big fan of positive reward based training and have a couple of modern favorite trainers. When you have time take a look at the Kiko pup series , timing , reward and motivation are always key. The magic is in finding what combination of training method best suits your need.

Emily Larlham of the KIKOPUP training series has many free video shorts and is a great source of basic ideas to draw from.

Example links:

On the Dog food question. Sounds like you are making informed choices using a selective process of elimination. Your thoughts on a food being too rich are spot on accurate as all dogs can not eat the super prem kibble. The main thing I stay away from is corn wheat and soy. The next most important item is who is having a recall on pet food/treats and why , always stay on top of this one. I am currently feeding 4Health adult chicken and rice which is a house brand for TSC. This product is made by Diamond Pet food and has gotten a lot of bad press of late , however , if you check recall history you will find many major brands have problems from time to time. When the recall first came out I made a cold switch that day to Earthborn Primative Natural and all was good and no problem with any of my 10 hounds. It is important for me to feed quality and get value at the same time and I continue to evaluate my choices always keeping in mind that I may need a backup at any time. After some time passed and new stock was on market I went back to a dog food I knew was good quality. (4Health)

Education is key when evaluating dog food and I find my best choices and value at feed stores. I try not to feed a dog food that has many sources of protein in one brand. I do rotate protein sources and do not feed grain free all the time. I keep track of protein sources fed because if I ever have a dog with allergy I will know what protein sources are open to try. If you stay with a quality kibble you will most likely get the best balance of nutritional needs and dry kibble will help keep teeth clean if used on a regular basis. You can tell a lot by how you dog looks and acts along with general health.

Best , oldhounddog

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