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Hello !
I have just printed your wonderful advice on Sarcoptic Mnage and Inexpensive Treatment; I have ONE question...
one you have mixed the formula and put it in a spray bottle and saturated your pet .. do you rinse it off? do you leave it on?
if you leave it on - how long do you leave it on for? (hours, days?)

If you rinse it off .. how long after spraying it on do you rinse it off (10 min., 15min., 20min.) ????

Thank you and I certainly hope I receive a quick response.

I've purchased the Prolate product and I am anxious to this under control; as since 2011 vets have not correctly diagnosed
so now; the issue is worse that what it should have been. Would never even had known; if Lucky had not licked and knawed at her foot so
much that it was raw; and I noticed her elbow and tummy area very very red.. rushed her in the tub and started using a shampoo on her
and all of a sudden on the white part of her fur (tri-color saddle back beagle) I could see things (brown things - but could not distinguish what they were)
they were not ticks, not flea's, not scabs, not any bug I recognized, so so small and yet on her elbow something was buried under her skin (or in her skin)
so I repeated shampoo 3 times; and got very scared! Went to the internet; and determined that indeed we had a sarcoptes scabei PROBLEM..
then began searching for something that would not be SO HARSH to her - her skin is VERY VERY SENSITIVE; wanted something that would NOT HARM her
or my other dogs (as now, it looks like I need to treat them all)... that's how I found you .. and read your article and decided I would give this a try
I don't want to take any of them for those harsh, expensive sulphur dips .. scares me to death; and I hate Frontline; etc. ... they are on Advantix II
and they get a monthly dose of Heartguard on time and on schedule ...

Well, that's my question, and my story... sure do appreciate a response please ...
Thank you so much
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