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Sarcoptic Mange Guidance

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My husband and I working hard to treat our dog that has Sarcoptic Mange. When researching on the net, I read the article on your site and was hoping the person who wrote it would be willing to communicate more with us. Just FYI....our dog is a mixed breed, not a beagle, but we are desperately trying to treat the dog and ourselves to give us all our happy home back. Thank you.
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Hi, Sam! Thanks for replying. We tried Ivermectin as prescribed by the Vet, but our dog Diesel had horrible reactions. He suffered everything listed as far as the side effects minus the coma. It was frightening and sad to see our sweet dog have to go through that. He also has confirmed allergies. We have been trying natural treatments. Uncertain how they are working. He is still scratching but not as badly. I would like to help him and end the misery for him. I've been looking on-line at the Prolate product. I'd like to try it but a little concerned after all he's been through. We adopted him 7 weeks ago. Poor dog has had a lot going on in his life in a short time. Thanks for your input.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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