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Sarcoptic Mange?

We reside in SoCal, USA, and have a 7 year old Beagle (male), and a 3 year old Catahoula (female) Over the past few months our Beagles belly has gotten very pink and somewhat sensitive which has caused him to scratch and chew quite frequently. In addition to this area, he is scratching the area at the base of his tail, which has resulted in significant hair loss. The Catahoula on the other hand has no such issues, even though they share the same yard and sleeping areas.
We suspect mites, but wouldn't mites attack both of our dogs?

Does this sound like Sarcoptic Mange?,
And is the use of Prolate recommended?

Thanks, Skiv

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One of my dogs had similar symptoms. I treated with Ivermectin for 4 weeks and it's gone now.

As an ectoparasiticide (miticide):
a) For generalized demodicosis: Note: Do not consider use in
MDR1 mutation susceptible breeds unless tested “normal/
normal” for mutation If normal/normal,
drug reaction is very unlikely. Start at low dosage and
Day 1: 100 mcg/kg PO q24h,
Day 4: 200 mcg/kg PO q24h,
Day 7: 300 mcg/kg; continue to increase by 100 mcg/kg every
3rd day until reach target dose of 600 mcg/kg PO daily and
continue treatment 1 – 2 months after 2 negative skin scrapes.
Treatment usually requires 10 – 33 weeks. (Hillier 2006g)
b) For demodicosis: 400 – 600 mcg/kg PO daily. Consider using
the test dose method: Start at 100 mcg/kg PO and increase by
100 mcg/day until target dose is reached. Treatment typically
required for 2 – 4 months. If toxicity is noted, discontinue.
Do not use in collies, Shelties, Old English Sheepdogs and
other herding
dogs. (DeManuelle 2000)
c) As scabicide: 300 – 400 mcg/kg PO or SC once weekly for
weeks. If using the 1% injection, 1 mL = 10,000 mcg. Beware
in sensitive breeds (e.g., Collies, etc.; “white feet, don’t treat”).
Check heartworm status prior to treatment. Adverse effects
are rare outside of sensitive breeds. (Foil 2003c)
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