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seperation anxiety/or just bad girl

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Hi all the name is judy and the beagles name is Kayla. We rescued kayla from pretty bad conditions on valentines day, so we have had her for 4 1/2 months. She has progressed pretty well, being that she had such a rough start. Here is my issue. Kayla likes to use the kitchen floor as her potty patch. Our kitchen is off an enclosed deck and the door is open so she can get out to her real potty patch any time. Plus she gets run of the yard several times a day and gets walked and played with. She will only do this when she is left by herself when she doesnt want to i leave the room to do a chore. She also chews the fur on the side of her leg. The vet had us try shampoos and pills. Didnt work..
I believe she has an anxiety issue.
Someone who i spoke with who said they used to breed beagles told me i wont break her of this habit, because she is a hound. Sounds rediculous to me.
I want her to be able to have free run of the house eventually so i need to break this habit. btw she is 13 months old.

Any advice?
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It sounds like anxiety to me. Beagles can tend to have OCD issues if they have anxiety - chew on their feet, lick the floor, rip toys etc. Rescue dogs have sometimes lived in 2 or more locations with different rules for potty. If kept in a cage for long periods of time at a shelter or puppy mill they learned to pee/poop inside. Be sure to use a cleaner special for pet accidents. Is she getting regular exercise time? That will reduce anxiety. One of my beagles, Molly, has "issues" with separation anxiety, fear anxiety and she is on prozac. If she does potty outside make sure you praise and reward her.

This site is really helpful too:
I have to add, Molly did finally stop going in the house. It is very possible to break beagles of bad habits, takes patience of course.
No changes to her personality except calmer and less anxiety issues. First few days on it she was a bit sleepy but only slightly. They can also take Clomicalm which is made for dogs only but it's pretty pricey compared to Prozac. I get her meds at Target for $4.00.
Good luck! I hope it helps and she settles down soon.
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