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Shopping List for my Beagle

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I'm going shopping!!!! ;) Can anybody help me with my shopping list for my 3-month old Beagle? This is my first dog and I'm super excited:D

I'm not buying any puppy food yet as I have to ask my friend who is giving the Beagle to me. As for everything else that I need, any suggestions?

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your new beagle with be your best friend god could make a more loving creature. :]
Great info on the pet insurance. I have not had much experience with it myself. Although there have been times when it would of been a great thing to have.
as for the collar YES!! but I would get a harness for when walking him.. Beagles have very soft vocal cords and tend to pull causing a chocking sensation..
some shampoo! (and probably conditioner) my boy stinks big time! Also some boxes to put your shoes in and some place high to put your nice things. Beagles are wild chewers!
How are things going? Is he teething and chewing on everything?
I'd be careful with pet insurance. It can help but it is just ridiculously high in price.

21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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