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Something wrong with my dog?

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I bought a three yr. old dog, and have been working with him a little just in obedience and play. He has no interest in fetching anything what so ever, he will not even pay attention to an object thrown. This may be a side note, but seems to be important in one of the articles i read from this site on training. He also has very little interest in his dog food. He seems to only eat about once every three to four days. This seems odd to be, but as i said seems like it would play a serious role in being able to train my dog in searching for his food according to the article i read. Please any help would be great. And thanks for this great forum.
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My dogs didn't/don't fetch. Unless it is a snackie. For the rest of your questions, I recommend contacting a vet or animal behavioralist.
well we solved the problem. he just needed a friend. We got another beagle, and he perked right up. Is doing all the things he has not been doing. He has already been trained in runnin' rabbits before. He actually went out into the field today(high grass) and here came a handful of rabbits right out in front of him. he chased them to the fence where the rabbits went through and he could not make it. now to just get him to do that everyday.
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