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Sunday our little beagle Jingo was in the sunroom. She screamed and came running/limping into the kitchen, scared to death.
Her leg was hurt but we couldn't see anything. Later that day, we noticed swelling on her left hock, right on the ball of it, swelled twice the size of the other one.
Sunday she did it again... neither time did we see what she did.

Monday my wife took her to the vet. On the steps into the vet, and again inside, she screamed in pain again. The vet did an x-ray, said nothing is broken or torn. He said she suffered some trauma... not likely something she could have done herself, he said (he doesn't see how crazy she can act, jumping and trying to "fly" ).
Bottom line is that it is like bursitis he said, caused by an injury/fall. He said to ice it and limit her activity, it should heal on it's own in 3-4 weeks.

Limiting her activity is tough, she's not quite two and wants to play all the time!

Anyone else have a Beagle who suffered this injury?
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