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Sox .. my beautiful brown beagle

My Beloved Dog Sox.

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Liver Working animal
As a Puppy
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Liver Fawn
Last summer
Water Dog Dog breed Carnivore Fawn
This past summer
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I can't see the pictures? Am I the only one?
You have to click on each attachment individually (the yellow wording that says Attachment 149... Attachment 150 ... Attachment 151), hope that helps. I'm new to the site and haven't quite figured out how to get them to just appear when you click on the post. =]
I can't get the photos to load either. When I click on the links, the forum displays a message saying, "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator."
I notified administrator two days ago about it, nothing yet...
I can see them.. how HANDSOME!! what kind of beagle is he? (mine is tri- color) I have never seen a beagle like that before!

Violet, just a stupid question, I see on the first picture the xmas tree, how did it go?
Last xmas we had only a four inch tree like something because Ace was a baby, noe he is 16 months, canI have a real tree? What do you think?
Sox was 11 months old in the Christmas picture, and he was a holy terror then. We always have a 9 foot balsam fir for our christmas tree, and Sox absolutely loved it. He would crawl underneath it and knock off ornaments, but took a particular liking to these blue feather butterfly ornaments I had put on the tree. Needless to say after awhile were none left on the bottom of the tree! I think you can have a real tree ... unless Ace is allergic. =] You just have to watch to make sure he's not eating ornaments or the tree, and don't put any ornament you value where Ace can get to it.
I can see them.. how HANDSOME!! what kind of beagle is he? (mine is tri- color) I have never seen a beagle like that before!
Thank you! I actually call him Mr. Handsome sometimes =]. Sox has been referred to as a choclate tri-color by some and a chocolate dilute or lilac beagle by our Vet. He was a genetic anomoly. Both of his parents were normal tri-colors, as well as the other pups in the litter he came from. But apparently, both his parents had the recessive gene and he ended up several shades of brown, with white and ticking on his legs and chest, a liver colored nose, and blue eyes as a puppy that turned yellow with blue rings around the pupil as an adult.
Gorgeous boy. His genetic makeup sounds really interesting
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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