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Spinning Dog

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Our Beagle Tilley, suddenly begun spinning around in circles on her rear end. It's kind of like when a dog has worms or an itchy bottom, but rather than scooting, she’s spinning and making noises like she's in pain and very uncomfortable or distressed. This has progressed over the last 3 days to the point that she's raw, inflamed, red and bleeding. There are also signs of a clear discharge from her rectum. This only seems to occur 3-4 hours once she's out of her pen. She's on a 135' runner so she is exposed to everything she's normally exposed to and her stool looks normal. Once placed back in her pen she's appears to look better by morning. However, this morning when I examined her, I noticed her rectum and the area around it is bright pink and there is now a small amount of hair loss. I'm planning on leaving her penned up until Monday to see if the symptoms return.

One interesting note is that she seems to have developed an allergy that cause’s her to rub her chin and face in the ground with some force, tearing at her gums and jaw to scratch it and constantly scratching at her belly. This has been going off and on for years and I don’t feel the two are connected because of the severity and appearance.

I’m puzzled because this just suddenly started, and she’s never had this problem before.

A few Notes:
1) The area affected is from the anus to the vulva and slightly up the tail.
2) She was spayed in the last month.
3) She was given the bovine wormer for heart-worms on Monday, but has never shown any adverse reactions to it before and the date on the bottle is good.
4) She was given a broad-spectrum intestinal wormer the day after this started, as I thought it was just a sign of worms because only the skin around the anus was slightly inflamed.
5) I sprayed weed killer\growth control in adjacent areas where she roams around. She was kept penned up till the next day to allow it to dry completely. She does, however, frequent the area by walking around in the dead weeds.
6) There are fire ants, but have any bites.
7) I’ve looked around and haven’t found anything unusual growing or any other signs.
8) The area around her dog house is covered with straw.
9) She only eats dog food without grain.
10) Applying oil of wild oregano seems to be helping, but may only be temporary.

Thank you for your time and help!

Mr Bill
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Poor baby. Sounds like she needs a trip to vet to get checked out and get some meds to give her some relief.
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