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Hello - I have a long story, so I'll try to 6 year old, neutered Beagle named Barney was possibly poisoned or ate tainted meat about 10 days ago. He's been treated at home since with IV fluids, antibiotics, etc. About three days ago, I noticed a thick, tan discharge coming from his penis. The vet did a culture and we got preliminary results back today (awaiting final results) which indicated Streptococcus and possibly another form of bacteria that they're waiting on to grow. There was blood in his urine (taken by catheter) but much less than 10 days ago. The vet is completely stumped as to what it could be...says she's never seen discharge like this. He's acting like himself again and eating and drinking normally, but is licking himself a lot. Has anyone had a similar experience or know of what this could be?

UPDATE: His culture came back from the vet with no new results...the discharge has decreased significantly and is looking better. I'm wondering if this whole thing could be a result of whatever poison he ingested having killed off everything good in his system? Does this sound like it could be related to the poisoning or something completely different?
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