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Summer's Almost Gone

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Believe it or not, summer is almost gone. (Where did the summer go?) Did you do anything interesting over the summer?
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I was just chatting with my hubby about this. It seems to have passed very quickly this year. Perhaps due to the fact it seemed to start later here for us, our spring weather lasted longer than usual.
It's been a good summer for us, though. I prefer the cooler temps, but it's been a good few months.

I noticed tonight that the sun goes down earlier. I guess we have to bring our evening dinner on the patio back indoors. It really has been a nice summer, not too hot for us.
Yeah, it's getting dark again earlier. Those long summer days are quickly disappearing.

It warmed up here again today. We have been having such mild days the past couple of weeks and today we were hit with 90s!
Yeah, it was 93 here today, but it's supposed to cool down to high 80's for the next few days.

It seems to be cooling again. It has really been cooling down at night here. We have been around the 60s at night time.
I live in Sydney Australia and while we dont experience snow I would have to say its the coldest winter I have experienced in my adult life. Flying out this Friday destined to Charlotte NC to see my husbands family and trying to get a bit sun as we have had a very damp winter
It feels like fall today! I am so loving this weather. Everyone is full of energy here and having a great time enjoying the nicer weather.
It feels like fall where I live too, oceangypsy. We've had quite a fall in temperatures after the extremely hot days that we've been having for most of the summer.
Today it was a horrible 108 but that's supposed to calm down to a 93-95 tomorrow. I hated that 108.

It was warm here last week and cooling again. It finally feels like fall! I had to close windows today as it got down to 64 here.
yes i did had some good rabbit races over the summer.
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