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Tammy and Katie

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I saw that there weren't any posts here, but I am a strong believer in Rainbow Bridge. I have several dogs there, all running about and playing with one another. I thought I'd just mention my two loving beagles, Tammy, who was actually my very first dog from childhood, and then Katie, who came decades later. Both are deep in my heart, but I know they are happy and are waiting.

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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Orrymain. But it sounds like you take comfort in the fact that they are together in another (better) place. Good for you!
What a beautiful way to look at it Orrymain. I believe the same for my pets that have passed.
It's been years since they've passed. I still get very emotional sometimes because my pets are my children. Tammy was my first dog and first beagle ever. She's in my heart as much and with equal passion and memory as my current babies, neither of who is a beagle.

My pets have always been like my children to me. Losing one was always heart wrenching for me.
Exactly. I still long for them. Each one has his or her special place in my heart. Such love they gave me.

My children even know about the pets that I had before they were born. They like to look at the pictures and ask questions.
That's so cool. We used to look at home movies of my dad with one of his dogs.

Hi everyone, isnt it so true how beagles are just able to get under our skins. I have lost two, Ben to old age and Lexx to Epilepsy, and I miss them both even though it has been a year since Ben passed on and six years since I lost Zak. I have two wonderful friends now in Lexx and Miss Millie and they fill a huge part of my life but I still miss the other two hugely.
That's just exactly how it is. I have so many blessed memories of both of my beagles, not to mention their photos all around.

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