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Hi Fellow Beagle Lovers.
The vet said it would be very unlikely, but I am still paranoid. Any advice? Lilly will now be sleeping in her own bed from here on out!

Another thing, we give Lilly montly does of Frontline and Heartguard. How would she have picked this up? Its frustrating when you take preventative measures and problems still develop.
Don't be upset about the tapeworm as your Vet has treated your dog, prolly with "Cestex" , a one time treatment that works well. I'm sure by now that you have cleaned and vacuumed everything and you now know what to look for in the future. Lilly is fine now, give lots of Love and care. A little education about tape worms will help.

The Heartworm prevention meds and the Flea prevention meds do not take care of tapeworms. Your dog probably eat an infected flea and the tape worm cycle was started. Your dog can also get the tapeworms from eating garbage/rotting meat , or , from a dead fox or rabbit etc that was infected with tapeworms.

The best thing you can do is make sure that your house and yard area do not have any fleas. I treat my yard early spring and midsummer with spectracide yard pesticide using a hose end sprayer and a tank sprayer and this works for me. Make sure your dog dose not go outside while pesticide is wet.

Try not to be paranoid about this as it is very common in dogs and very easy to treat. If you see the rice looking segments in your dog's stool you need to treat for tapeworms, it is just that simple. You can buy the meds for canine tapeworm treatment from your Vet or OTC from pet/farm supply store and treat (dose) by dog weight, if you wish. I have 10 hounds and use praziquantel and dose by weight, when needed.

Post back if more info is needed.

Give Lilly lots of Love and care so she doesn't think anything is wrong........................


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