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Hi Fellow Beagle Lovers.

I have an approximately 4 year old beagle (we adopted her over the summer), named Lilly. Recently we discovered that she was leaving behind seed like remnants from spots she was laying. One of which happens to be our bed. Turns out that these are remnants of tapeworms. We got her the 2 pills from the vet that are needed to kill the worms. Now, I am worried that since we found the remnants of these worms on our bed, if my husband and I should be worried about being infected. The vet said it would be very unlikely, but I am still paranoid. Any advice? Lilly will now be sleeping in her own bed from here on out!

Another thing, we give Lilly montly does of Frontline and Heartguard. How would she have picked this up? Its frustrating when you take preventative measures and problems still develop.
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