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The Amazon Prime Day Pet Deals Have Arrived (via

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The most wonderful time of the year has arrived– Amazon Prime Day has us giddy with excitement! Here are the best deals we have found (at the best prices and with record shipping speeds) that our fur babies need.

Unless you live under a rock (and hey, no judging if you do!), you know that the summertime is Prime time for amazing deals. Literally. This year marks the 5th annual Amazon Prime Day, and we have been searching out the best deals and insider scoop to bring you a whole lot of summer shopping happiness.

If you are not a Prime Member and never have been, you can still sign up for their 30-day-free-trial membership and get all the perks of fast shipping, on-demand video, music and books and great deals, particularly for what is now 36 glorious hours of Prime Day! If you already used your trial period, you can gift yourself a three-month Prime Membership for $39, or splurge and buy yourself an annual membership for $119. Check out these hot-sellers we found, and happy shopping!

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright – 42 Percent Off

This Dyson is a beast when it comes to cleaning up pet hair and at 42 percent off (while supplies last), they are practically giving it away! It is engineered for homes with pets and offers tools that will dig dirt and pet hair out, as well as scope out allergens that your pet may bring inside. It is a Whole-Machine HEPA filitration system and has a super long cord and it may just become your best friend. Next to your pet, that is!


AmazonBasics Puppy and Training Pads – 30 Percent Off

Must haves with a new pup or dog you are working on potty-training with. These pads are graciously sized and super-absorbent. Their core turns liquid to gel upon contact so puppies do not have pee-pee to get into and the leak-proof plastic lining will protect your floors as well!


Amazon Basics Cat Tree – 30 Percent Off

This cat tree is the perfect accessory for your cat to play, relax and enjoy Give your kitty a multi-platform tree that will allow her to relax, play and climb whenever she wants. It has scratching posts that will help keep your cat from damaging your carpets, curtains and furniture and it is made from natural jute fiber that help keep kitty nails clean and healthy. It is a nice, neutral color that will blend in with your decor and is a lovely place for your kitty-cat to call her own.


Greenies Dental Chews For Dogs – 51 Percent Off

These Greenies Dental treats help dogs have fresher breath, and are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as a support for good doggy oral health. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals to give balanced nutrition, while working to prevent gum disease in your dog. They help freshen breath, and are the perfect dental treat for your larger sized (50-100 pounds) dog to enjoy. Your dog will never know that you are taking care of their chompers!


Greenies Canine Pill Pockets – 49 Percent Off Canine Pill Pockets – 49% Off</strong>

Greenies Pill Pockets Make medicine time a pawsitive experience! Greenies has created a hypoallergenic formula pill pouch that lets you hide medicine and capsules to give to your dog. Your pooch will never know you’ve given them a pill; they will just think that you are giving them a treat, and it will make medicine time a pawsitive experience for them! They are great for dogs who have sensitive and itchy skin because of the hypoallergenic formula.


Feline Greenies Dental Cat Treats – 50 Percent Off Dental Cat Treats – 50% Off</strong>

Feline Greenies are great treats for dental health for your cat These Feline Greenies Dental Natural Treats are the number one vet-recommended cat dental treat and are formulated with added vitamins, minerals and taurine for complete nutrition. They offer your cat optimal dental care with their unique shape and keeps their teeth clean and reduces tartar. Great for fresh kitty breath too!


Temptations Classic Treats – 34 Percent Off

Temptations treats are less than 2 calories each Stock up on the number one brand of cat treat in America! This tub has nutritionally complete and balanced treats that your adult cat will find simply irresistible. Each treat is less than two calories a treat and will have your kitty-cat meowing for more, more, more!


Sheeba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food Trays – 39 Percent Off Wet Cat Food Trays – 39% Off</strong>

Sheeba perfect portion wet food ensures the right amount of food for your cat each feeding Does your feline crave purrrfection in their meals? Of course they do, which is why it is a great time to stock up on Sheeba Perfect Portion Wet Cat Food Trays. There are 48 servings of the perfect portion of foods that contain no corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors or preservatives. They will help support a healthy coat and fur, and you know you are giving the perfect size portion every time.


Furbo Dog Camera – 46 Percent Off<strong>Furbo Dog Camera – 46% Off</strong>

The Furbo camera and treat tosser is on a great Prime Day sale This 1080p Full HD camera has night vision and livestream video for you to watch your pet while you have to be away. It has a 2-way audio and has a barking alert so you will be notified if your dog is barking and you can see what is going on and try to talk her down. It is also a treat tosser and lets you engage with your pet even if you are not there with a few touches of a button on your iOS or Android device. It will deliver peace of mind for you, and fun for your pup (and for a great deal on Prime Day)!


K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs 4-10 pounds – 63 Percent Off For Dogs 4-10 pounds – 63% Off</strong>

Advantix II for small dogs protects them from outdoor insects and mosquitoes Recommended by vets as an effective flea and tick prevention for dogs and also a mosquito repellant that kills through contact. This means those little suckers will not even have to bite your pup to meet their match. It starts killing fleas within 10 minutes and is waterproof.


K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs 21-55 pounds – 53 Percent Off For Dogs 21-55 pounds – 53% Off</strong>

K9 Advantix for large dogs prevents flea and tick infestations A safe and effective way to protect your larger dog against fleas and ticks, as well as mosquitoes. Vets love it because it is a topical way to protect them without having to give something oral that goes throughout their system.


Bayer Advantage Flea Prevention For Large Cats – 62 Percent Off

Advantage is on a great sale for Prime Day. Take advantage (see what we did there?) of this great savings on Bayer Advantage II Topical flea prevention and treatments for cats weighing 9 pounds and over. It works through contact, so the fleas will die before they even bite your cat and it kills fleas in multiple life stages—from eggs to adults. It starts working within 12 hours and works for up to 30 days.


To take advantage of the amazing Amazon Prime deals, be sure to sign up for your free Prime Membership!
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