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This month, all about nutrition. That’s why this week we’ll be giving away The Honest Kitchen Starter Kit. And to win it, all you need to do is like PetGuide on Facebook.

In this delectable and tasty kit, you get three essentials from The Honest Kitchen. First up is 4lb box of Force Dog Food. It’s a natural gluten-free dog food recipe, made with free-range chicken and fresh produce like potatoes, celery and green beans (om nom nom!). Next is Beams Pure Icelandic Catfish Skins. It’s a natural dehydrated fish dog treat made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins, from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks. Finally, this starter kit is rounded out by Perfect Form, a product that helps support proper digestion and intestinal health of cats and dogs. The Honest Kitchen Starter Kit is valued at $68.97.

Here’s where it gets even better. To win this sweet prize, all you have to do is like us on Facebook. What? That’s it? Yep – just click that like button and you’re entered. And if you already like us on Facebook, you’re already entered. How’s that for easy?
This contest runs from Friday, August 16 to Friday, August 23 at 1pm EST. We’ll announce the winner on our Facebook wall and they’ll have 24 hours to get back to us. If we don’t hear from them, we pick another person until all the prizes have been claimed.

Good luck – and like us on Facebook!
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