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The most heart breaking thing I have ever seen!

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Yesterday evening my wife and I were working in our office, when she screamed "OH NO" Something is wrong with GENERAL!"

I looked out the window and saw my 22 year old son, holding the lifeless body of his prized beagle, You see he had been hunting rabbits, our season opened Oct 1st, My son was in the yard and the dog had run a rabbit down the edge of the road, My son didn't know this, but heard a car go speeding by, the speed limit is 35 but no one seems to care.

James heard a loud thump and thought the car had hit the mailbox, he ran to the road to see what had happened only to find his dog dead on the edge of the road, This heartless bastard never stopped, he hit the gas a sped away, My son got a look at the car so we went looking for him, We found him a mile up the road at the neighbors house.

When we ask him why he hit the dog, he told us it was so important that he got to his friends because they were in a hurry, Freakin Bastard! Had to nearly run off the road on the left side to hit this dog, no skid mark from trying to stop, he didn't stop and come back, what a waste. Makes me think some people just shouldn't breed!

Cut down in his prime, only 3 ears old, best running dog we have had in years, As I sit here and listen the woods around the house are quiet, no ball mouthed hound running rabbits this morning, you are sorely missed General LEE!!
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i am so sorry for your loss it sounds like you and your family loved him alot. i lost my dog 2 years ago to old age, i have a new dog but i still miss her alot.
awe. I am so sorry for your loss. Its a hard thing to go through, especially when the person never even bothered to stop. The most important thing to remember is that he had a good life with you.
I'm so sad to hear your story, its such a terrible thing to happen. I hope you and your son are doing OK.
He is doing better, still very upset, he was very close to where it happened but there were weeds blocking his view.

He has picked a pup from the little that General sired and has named him JR!

Should be a good pup, he is 4 weeks old and comes from great bloodlines!
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So Very sad, I agree 100 percent ,some people should not be allowed to breed. Sorry for your loss guys.
A new pup always helps, never replaces them, but at least you get a new one to love. Sometimes I still cry when I think about beagles I lost years ago.
I'm very sorry for your loss, and I get too angry about that criminal. If dogs could drive cars, be sure they will never act like this stupid bastard (human being?) did!
Very sorry for your loss. Blessings on the new pup.
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