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Hi melissa7 ,

Welcome to Beagles Unlimited.
Thank You for adopting a Beagle in need of a good home.
Our forum has a wealth of information dedicated to Beagles.

Penny is new to your home and needs some time to settle in. The growling could be a fear aggression from being around larger dogs and new surroundings. I would give her some extra space and let her interact on her terms. Basic obedience work will help a lot as for how Penny responds to you at home and on walks. We have several threads on the forum that cover this general topic, "Having trouble with my Beagle" is one that comes to mind.
Every day training can be fun and easily worked into your routine.

A couple of fun links:

Take a look at this and pay close attention to the trainers hands , methods and timing of reward.

Beagles are hunting dogs and thus hard wired to track and once on a trail they will follow that scent. You can do regular obedience work in your house and outside with distractions and this will improve things a lot. As for going camping and hiking with Penny off leash no one knows at this point. Recall work will be key here...

When Penny stiffened up around your young son this is probably fear. I would put space between your son and Penny for now. I am sending you a PM.

Best , oldhounddog

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