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Top 10 Male Beagle Names

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Many people name their puppies before they even bring them home or they simply keep the name given by the breeder. Choosing a name for your dog is very important because your dog will need to learn his name for training. You want to choose something easy to learn but also something that suits your Beagle’s personality.

To help you with some ideas for what to name your dog, consider the top 10 male Beagle names listed below:
  1. Buddy – Sweet and a little bit silly, this name is a great one for the Beagle breed because they are so friendly and loving that they make friends with anyone! It can also be a reference to the fact that dog is a man’s best friend.
  2. Copper – This name is perfect for the Beagle because it describes one of the coat colors for which the breed is known. The name Copper also belongs to a Disney dog character from the movie The Fox and the Hound.
  3. Shiloh – One of the most popular names for Beagles is a reference to the popular children’s book that was published in the early 90s. After escaping from a negative situation, Shiloh found a new home with a young boy and they became the best of friends.
  4. Toby – Short for Tobias, a name befitting a king, Toby has a royal feel but with just the right touch of playfulness. Some people also say that Toby means “precious” or “lovable” and both of these things are certainly true of the Beagle breed!
  5. Oliver – This name comes from the French word for the olive tree, a branch from which is a symbol of peace. Beagles are a very peaceful, good-natured breed but they also know how to have fun!
  6. Charlie – The name Charlie is shortened from Charles and it has a decidedly royal vibe to it, though it is also one of the friendliest names you can think of and that is perfect for the Beagle breed!
  7. Snoopy – Made in reference to the most famous fictional Beagle character, the name Snoopy is incredibly popular for male Beagles. This name is befitting of a breed that has a friendly personality and an ability to make friends who also has a bit of a goofy side.
  8. Rocky – Perhaps a reference to the boxer Rocky Balboa, this name brings to mind someone with a tenacious drive and a dedicated spirit. The Beagle may be small in size but he has a big personality and he will do whatever it takes to remain by your side!
  9. Bailey – Inspired by the delicious Irish liquor, this name is often given in reference to the Beagle’s coloration. Translated from the English meaning “steward” or “bailiff”, this name also brings to mind someone in a position of authority and it is fitting because your Beagle will quickly take charge of your household!

In the end, it is completely up to you what you choose to name your Beagle. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, the top 10 male Beagle names described above might give you a little bit of a jump-start.

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